John Galloway

Born: ~1700 Ireland or Scotland
Died: aft.  1747 prob Monroe, Orange Co. NY




Married: Hannah Lamb October 7, 1727 NYC  (also shown as Anna, Hanna, or Annatie Lamb or Lamm )1

John Galloway
Elizabeth Galloway
Maria Galloway 1733-<1740
Thomas Galloway Jan 26, 17355
Alexander Galloway
Maria Galloway Aug 6, 17406
James Galloway
William Galloway Henry Galloway Oct. 26, 1746 George Galloway There is evidence that John Galloway came to America (NYC) around 1715 as an indentured servant. He is shown in 1719 as
an apprentice reaper with 11+ years remaining to his service.
Possible parents for John are Thomas and Mary.   Any Galloways found in New York City prior to 1735 are possibly related, as the entire population of the city was only about 9,000.
(6500 in 1716)
"Ava Galloway, (1877- 1972) leaves this record, written near the time ofher death, of a recollection about her 5th gr. grandfather. Most of her memories apparently came from
an old Galloway bible, since lost. Her narrative describes John Galloway as the second of two sons of "a sea faring man fi'om Scotland." The following is her actual text. "The
fIrst of our Galloway family came from Scotland about 1700. Settled in New Amsterdam, New York. He was a seafaring man and was drowned. He was married and
left two sons, one John and the other name not known".
"From the Collections of the New York Historical Society for the Year 1885; The Burghers of New 
Amsterdam and the Freemen of New York 1675-1866 Galloway NYHS ...."August 21,1704 Thomas Gallaway, Mariner."
"apprenticed for 11 years and 3 months on 13 March 1715 to Peter Colvell, a New York City ropemaker -Colvell sold the remaining years of the 
indenture on 29 June 1719 to William Dugdale and John Searle, "reapers"(rope merchants), for 20 pounds -(Searle was former mariner who became a "freeman" of NYC in 1716;
Dugdale was successful enough as a merchant to own the house and the grounds at 67 Wall St in 1730) -Galloway was "well contented and doth give his full consent" -m. Annetje (Anna,
Hannah) Lamb (bapt 16 Mar 1709- ) on 7 Oct 1727 in NYC -estate valued at 10 pounds in NYC tax assessment of Feb 1730- became a freeman in 1734 and listed himself as a ropemaker- Hannah
was daughter of Alexander Lamb (a mariner from Scotland) and Elizabeth Konig, who were married in 1688 in NYC's Dutch Reformed Church (Hannah's siblings: Joris (George) 1689, Elizabeth 1691,
Jannetje (Jane) 1694, Maria 1696, Rachel (twin) 1701, Jacobus (twin) 1701, Joris 1704, Johannis (John) 1706, Alexander (prob 1713), Rachel 1715) .Elizabeth Konig (1665- ) was the daughter of
Adriaen Jansen Konick and Lysbeth Damen, who had arrived in New Netherlands in 1663 on de Bonte Koe (The Spotted Cow), a slaver carrying 86 passengers from Holland. They had been
married 15 March 1650 in Well (Gelderland) .Adriaen, alias Capper (ca 1630-), was the son of Jan Gysbertsen Coninck and Merreke Gierlincx of Well. Lysbeth was from Herpt in North Brabant.
John Galloway was probably the older brother of Elizabeth Galloway, the first wife of David Smith (15 April 1701-1787), who came to Orange County in 1747 from Brookhaven, Long Island,
and built a mill on the pond of what would become Monroe Village."
5May have located in Dutchess County New York4
6May have married John Farrell 12 Sep, 1758, in Trinity Epis, NYC.4

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