James Duane Galloway

Born: born 15 Oct 1820 in Palmyra, NY
Died: 29 Apr 1916 in Palmyra, NY. 

Father: James Galloway
Mother:   Elizabeth Archer

John Galloway
James Archer Galloway
Jerome Bonaparte Galloway

Hannah Galloway 
Mary Ann Galloway
Mary Galloway
Julia Ann Galloway 

Married: Caroline A. Reeves, 19 Oct 1843 in Oakland, Co., MI 

Julia Ann Galloway, born 23 Sep 1844; died 17 Ju11942. 
Celia Anna Galloway, born 23 Sep 1844; died 4 Jun 1935. 
Jerome N. Galloway
George Reeves Galloway
Mary S. Galloway, born 1857 of Palmyra, NY died aft. 1916. 
Franklin L. Galloway
Caroline Galloway, born 1862; died aft. 1916. 
Jane Galloway, born May 1864; died 6 Aug 1864 in Palmyra, NY.
Married (2): Mary B. Palmer, 23 Feb 1891 in Rochester, NY 
1880 Census

From: JanGalloway@aol.com
Subject: James Duane Galloway 1820-1916 Last Will and Testament
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 12:03:17 EST

James Duane Galloway

Last Will and Testament

I, James Galloway, of the town of Palmyra, County of Wayne and State of New 
York, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and being of sound and 
disposing mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this my last will and 
Testament, in manner following, that this to say-

First - I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid and 

Second - I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary B. Galloway the sum of 
four thousand two-hundred dollars ($4200.00) to be taken and held by her in 
lieu of dower and all statutory allowance from my estate.

Third - I give and bequeath to my son George R. Galloway the sum of three 
thousand dollars ($3000.00).

Fourth - I give and bequeath to my sons Jerome N. Galloway and Franklin L. 
Galloway the sum of one-hundred dollars ($100.00) each, and to said Jerome N. 
Galloway my wearing apparel. 

Fifth - I give and bequeath to my daughters Julia A. Matteson and Celia Ann 
Wilcox the sum of five-hundred dollars ($500.00) each.

Sixth - I give and bequeath to my daughters Mary S. Parker and Caroline 
Cunningham the sum of 0ne-hundred dollars ($100.00) each. 

Seventh - I give and bequeath to my grand-daughter Mary Milliman, daughter of 
my son George R. Galloway, the sum of two-hundred dollars ($200.00). 

Eight - I give and devise to my grand-son Septimius S. Galloway, son of 
George R. Galloway, the farm on which I now live containing about 
ninety-seven (97) acres of land, exclusive of railroad lands and lands 
appropriated by the State for canal purposes, expecting and reserving from 
the said farm a plot of land seventy-five (75) feet in width, the west line 
of which is seventy-five feet in length and parallel to and twenty (20) feet 
west of the west face of the base of the monument now in place on said plot, 
and the north and south lines of which extend easterly from the extremities 
of said west line parallel to and equi-distant from the north and south faces 
of the base of the monument respectively to east line of said farm; said plot 
being the piece or parcel of land on which I have built a family tomb or 

I also give and devise to him the Oak Ridge wood lot, bought by me of James 
Reeves and Susan Harrison, containing about twenty (20) acres of land. 

I also give and bequeath to him the sum of three-thousand dollars ($3000.00).

Ninth - I give and bequeath to Septimius S. Galloway the sum of four-hundred 
dollars ($400.00) in trust to keep the same safely and productively invested 
and to apply the income thereof, or so much of said income as may be 
necessary, from time to time to the care of the plot of ground upon which 
stand the monument and family tomb or vault aforesaid and to the care, 
reparation and maintenance of the structures thereon. 

Tenth - All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, including the sum 
payable by the State of New York for land appropriated for canal purposes, I 
give and bequeath to my sons George R. Galloway and Franklin L. Galloway and 
to my daughters Julia A. Matteson, Celia Anna Wilcox, Mary S. Parker, and 
Caroline Cunningham, share and share alike.

Lastly - I nominate and appoint my neighbor and friend Fredrick L. Reeves to 
be the sole executor of this last will and testament, without bonds, and I 
hereby revoke and annul and every former will by me at any time made.

In Witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal 
this 21st day of November, in the year of our Lord one-thousand and 
nine-hundred fourteen. 

James Galloway (L. S.)