Samuel Galloway


Born:1784 Massachusetts
Died: July 16, 1821 Williamson, Wayne Co. NY

Father: John Galloway
Mother: Mary Reynolds

James Galloway
Alexander Reynolds Galloway

Fanny Galloway
Mary Galloway

Married: Achsah Witter

Amanda Galloway  May 19, 1810
John Galloway 
Samuel Galloway 
James R. Galloway  
Rachel Sabra Galloway  Feb 19, 1816-Jan 17, 1852
Elijah Galloway 
Joshua Whitmar Galloway 
Joseph Galloway   

"Minister, Society of Christians - resided Massachusetts, New York, and Union Co OH......he died Williamson, NY - buried Marion"
"Samuel Galloway was born in Massachusetts, but removed to New York while young and there married Miss Achsa Witter, a native 
of Connecticut. In 1814, he removed with his family to Ohio, and settled in Union Township, on the place where A. A. Woodworth 
now lives, and erected a log cabin on the site where Mr. Woodworth's house now stands. Soon after locating, while hunting, he
 shot a deer, and thinking the animal dead he walked up to it with knife in hand to cut its throat, when the deer sprang up, pushed 
his horn into his chest and tore out some of his lungs; and there he and the deer were both found in the evening, the latter dead, 
and Mr. Galloway so weak he could not get home. They carried him home, and he finally recovered, so as to preach - as he was a 
minister in the Christian Church - but he never became able to perform hard manual labor after the injury. He made a journey to New 
York State, and returned. While absent on a second journey to that State, he was taken sick and died in 1820-21 from the effects of 
the wound made by the deer. He left eight children, four of whom were born in New York State and four in Union Township......
Mrs. Galloway remained here with her family till about 1822, when, becoming fascinated with Shakerism, she removed to their settlement 
in Warren County, Ohio, where she and her daughter Sabrah remained through life. But prior to their death, the other children all became 
dissatisfied, left the Shakers, and all married and settled in life...........1
1Union County Ohio 1883 history