Welcome to the Galloway/McCarley family tree.

	From this page, you can browse either branch by an individual's first name or by the surname of their spouse.  You can also search a database 
for an individual name, date, or location. 
	Much of this data has been sent to me by others and has not been personally verified.  However, it provides information as a starting point
at the very least, and can narrow down future searches.  Where possible, I have included additional information  such as pictures, biographical notes, 
copies of actual documents pertaining to the individual, etc.  In the future, I plan to annotate each individual's page to accredit the contributer.  I also 
plan to add charts  showing children, parents, grandparents, etc.

A note about the searchable database:

   Where actual birthdates are unknown, I have listed them as exact in order to better place the individual in the context of the family tree.  To find
an individual, enter a name or partial name in the box and click Search.  A list of names matchinf the criteria will appear on the left side of the page.  
By clicking on the Record Number, you will see a brief outline of what is available for that individual.  If this appears to be the individual you are 
searching for, click on Page Number.  The outline will be replaced with the individual's personal page, showing the most complete information 
available for them.  If an individual  is only listed under their parent's page, you may note the Search page has additional information about their spouse.