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		From this page, you can browse by an individual's first name or by the surname of their spouse.  
You can also search the database for an individual name, date, or location.

Much of this data has been sent to me by others and has not been personally verified. However, it provides
information as a starting point at the very least, and can narrow down future searches. References for the
information is given and copies included where possible. Where references are not given, credit should be
given to
Paul Galloway. Where possible, I have included additional information such as pictures,
biographical notes, copies of actual documents pertaining to the individual, etc. Clicking on the References
will give you access to PDF files of references in the public domain. Some are rather large and may take awhile to download. Please be patient, or save them to your local computer. Most of the references have been indexed, so a search may also be slow the first time it is initiated. Subsequent searches seem to be faster. Clicking on a thumbnail will get a large picture. Also, be aware of the imbedded links that make more information available. This is still very much a work on progress. I have not published pages for relatives born in the last 100 years.
You will encounter an error page if the subject of your search is in this category. You may also encounter the
error page if I have a bad link. Please report them or address any questions to Admin@wogalloway.



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