Welcome to the Galloway Family Tree.

From this page, you can  search the database for an individual name, date, or location.   The search engine acts like the Google search you are familiar with, escept it only searches the resources available on this site.

Much of this data has been sent to me by others and has not been personally verified. However, it provides
information as a starting point at the very least, and can narrow down future searches. References for the
information is given and copies included where possible. Where references are not given, credit should be given to
Paul Galloway .

Where possible, I have included additional information such as pictures, biographical notes, copies of actual documents pertaining to the individual, etc.  Clicking on a thumbnail will get a large picture. Also, be aware of the imbedded links that make more information available.

 Questions may be addressed to Admin@wogalloway.com. test.